When does RUEY FA start?

RUEY FA Textile has founded in 2002. We keep developing kinds of functional fabrics during these years to meet market various demands. We have more than 2,000 items are in sale now. These fabrics are used for Sportswear, Casual wear, Underwear.

What service RUEY FA can provide for you?

RUEY FA likes trying to use new materials, techniques and colors in our fabrics. We develop new products every month according to the world textile trend. Now, not only the common Woven, Knit, or tricot fabrics, we also develop many new kinds of functional fabrics, such as Good Stretchy, Breathable, Quick Dry, UV Protection, Keep Warm, Windproof, and Anti-Microbial, etc.

These above are all customized by your wish!


How does RUEY FA apply the customized production in textile business?

Once receive customers’ inquiries or new ideas for the next season sourcing, such as for which season, for which environment or for what activities. We will then analyze these requirements and then organize the suitable functionalities. To make sure our fabrics can stand the weather, sport intensity, or fit the bodies, of course. All of these suggestions and judgments would require a well-experienced R&D team, which RUEY FA just have one! We will suggest customers which functions should be put in the fabrics on RUEY FA’s professional opinion.

It’s not an easy job because every customer knows exactly what they want but few of them know exactly what they should really purchase. Bike wear and Ski wear both need Windproof jackets, but they might not know the Windproof fabrics they need are not exactly the same.

To help customers avoid any Wrong Buy and make sure all they are Must Buy is RUEY FA’s duty and principle! The point we want to emphasize is we only provide appropriate service for you at most competitive prices.


Why you should take RUEY FA into consideration?

- Fast

RUEY FA can always reply to customers’ various needs quickly. Through the tight connection between the production and sales department, we could deliver information correctly and smoothly. In addition, the factories we cooperate for a long term are all experienced, that’s why we could move that Fast and Flexibly!

- Innovative

Under the strong pressure of the global competition, RUEY FA is dedicated to provide trendy and diverse fabrics for the markets. We always urge ourselves to constantly develop new products every period and every season according to the new fashion. We hope to help our customers could meet the market demand and be successful.

In order to fulfill customers’ needs who are across US, Europe, Asia to Australia, we integrated and analyze the latest fashion trend information around the world and reflect them all on our latest development to share these information with our customers.

- True

RUEY FA cherishes every chance of cooperating with you. The cooperation between you and RUEY FA is based on the premises of “fulfilling market needs” and “long-term cooperative partnerships”. The last thing we want it to happen is our customers’ products cannot satisfy their consumers because of the quality. We believe we should avoid any single of this situation happen.

To avoid any mistake, we would run three-time inspection before the shipment delivery. To earn the trust of high level customers, we are confident to take our products for SGS or Intertek testing, which is also a necessary to convince consumers for what they buy is tested that can meet the international standards.

During the productions, if any doubt comes out, we would make sure our customers could be notified. From fabric supplier, like RUEY FA, garment manufacturer, and the end buyer have the right to know clearly about the causes and effects. We believe that would be the way to solve any unexpected problems and make sure the consumers’ right would not be harmed.


Which country has RUEY FA’s footprints?

RUEY FA is active in participating in many famous exhibitions about textile around the world, for collecting latest market information and introducing ourselves to potential customers face to face.

The exhibitions we have joined: (in alphabetical order)

-          Asia Outdoor

-          interstoff

-          ISPO

-          Outdoor Retailer

-          road show

-          Sport Source Asia

-          TITAS

After more than 10 years effort, RUEY FA has developed many long-term and strong partnerships with many worldwide-known brands or garment manufacturers.
Our clients are from: (in alphabetical order)

-          Asia

-          Australia

-          Europe

-          North America

-          South Africa

-          South America


What does RUEY FA do to response the current society and environment?

Considering the Global Warming issues and the increasing environmental awareness all over the world, RUEY FA decides to take action to protect our environment together with our customers. We start producing fabrics by recycled materials, like using recycled PET bottles yarns. RUEY FA also encourages our cooperated factories to use recycled packaging materials, such as cartons, paper tubes, plastic barrels, etc. 

RUEY FA’s standards of selecting cooperated factories are not only quality, price and speed, RUEY FA also notices that whether it is a safe and healthy working environment for workers.

For example:

1.          Properly designed, constructed and maintained equipment.

2.          Suitable and adequate fire safety measures.

3.          Clean, adequately lit and ventilated workplace.

4.          Reasonable working hour and hourly wage.

5.          Not hiring child labor.

We hope while chasing the reasonable profits, we could also provide our homeland a same beautiful and happy environment.